Power Amplifier

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Can I get a wireless signal from a roof aerial terminal box to a tv?

I have roof aerial that feeds into a powered amplifier with a further 3 lines out. I is wired to my main TV (via Freeview) but I'd like to use a 2nd TV elsewhere in the house where I can't easily (and cosmetically!) run a cable. Is there anything I can use that will plug into one of the spare powered aerial out sockets to transmit wirelessly to this 2nd TV. If so, what specs am I looking at?
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Best Answer...


Yes, you can get a video sender unit at your local consumer electronics store, however these units can only sent a single video signal that has already passed through a channel tuner so you would need to broadcast the output from a VCR or cable box. Some video senders also have built-in IR transmitters as well, so that you can remotely control the VCR or cable box even from the other room.