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Frequently Asked Questions...

What is an interference fit motor?

The timing chain slipped off (30k after I had it checked) and I am trying to figure out why it matters what type of engine it is to cause the valves to drop and damage the piston head. Also, do you know how much it usually costs to fix, do I need a new motor, and should I yell at the people who checked it?

Car is 2000 4cy, dodge (plymouth) neon. No compression, waterpump dead, etc.


Best Answer...


When a timing chain or belt breaks, the entire valve train (cam, followers, valves, etc.) stops moving while the rest of the engine keeps spinning. Some engines are designed with enough piston to valve clearance so that an open valve will not contact the piston at the top of it's stroke. This would be a non-interference engine. If your engine was not designed in this way then most likely you will have damage to the valves, pistons, head, camshaft, etc. It's hard to say how severe the damage is. You need to take it to a qualified mechanic to have it properly diagnosed. At best, a new timing chain and you are on your way. at worst, start shopping for a new engine. Hope this helps.