Speedometer Cluster

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Frequently Asked Questions...

The Speedometer and gas gauge have stopped working while I was driving.?

I have a Chevy Venture 2005, after I had been coming home from going to the Ozarks (3 hours from my house). I was wondering what could possible correct this problem. After I had got home, about a half hour after wards, I turned the key between the off and on positions on the ignition till the gauges moved back to normal.

Best Answer...



First off. Please Ignore the other answers as they are all WRONG.

You have no Cable to operate your Speedometer. it is all electronic ( and i do not mean digital ! ) The Speed Sensor could not be at fault for this type of Problem either!

I have seen this Many Many times in Chevy , Gmc Buick Pontiac Etc vehicles.

The Problem lies in the Speedometer Cluster. These Clusters made after 2000 have Stepper Motors to drive all the gauges. The Tachometer and Speedometer are the Most prone to failure as they are used the most!

It is best to have the Instrument Cluster Removed and Repaired or Replaced. A junkyard Replacement is ok but make sure you get a guarantee.

I pull at least one cluster a week and repair them for this same sort of problem!

I hope this helps Good Luck!