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Frequently Asked Questions...

What is the best honda/acura engine?

I have a 95 honda civic with a SOHC vtec. if possible what type of engine is that? but I am saving to get a K20 engine. or is a B series better??

Best Answer...


you should have a D15 at the moment, the K20's are the best engine really, but as Mr.v-tec says, it will require alot of wprk to get in, it will be mentally fast if you do it -- 200bhp i-VTEC in a 900KG car =fun, so if you are willing to spend the cash then go for it,

i personally am a fan of the B-series, i feel that they are best engines honda have ever made, strong, durable, well engineered and powerful, i have a B16A2 in my civic and love it, i would go for a B18C JDM spec-r, you can find one for less than a K20, it will fit in your car easier, as the JDM 1995 SiR civic came with the B16a2, and they are fantastic engines, they really capture honda's tuning spirit, which sadly i feel they are loosing in newer models, just don't confuse it with the GSR B18C1, 170bhp engine, also sometimes refered to as a B18C, the JDM B18C ( JDM honda integra DC2 Type-R engine) has 195bhp, and is the better engine, over the GSR B18C it has,

* Camshaft - Wide-angled, high-lift, high-durability camshaft
*Connecting Rod - Custom TypeR rod, high-durability, lightened
*Spark plug - High-heat-type #7 platinum plug
*Exhaust Valve Spring - High-lift, dual-layered spring
*Engine Stiffener - Aluminum die-cast, high-durability, one-piece type
*Crankshaft - Full-counterweight, 8-weight, high-output, custom crankshaft
*Pistons - High-compression, low-friction, custom pistons
*Inlet Valves - Lightened inlet valves
*Intake Manifold - Custom tuning, single-port type.
*Throttle Body - 62mm wide-mouth throttle body.
*Inlet Valve Springs - High-lift, flat-surfaced, dual-layered spring
*Port Buffing done by hand
*Fastening of Connecting Rod done with micrometer
*All stainless steel headers

i would say its the best honda engine ever made, but thats my opinion!