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Frequently Asked Questions...

Eye floater?

Hey, I've had this eye floater (a fairly large gray spot) in my vision for years and lately it's been really bothering me. For about a year, I've a hard time focusing while reading because the floater is directly under my line of vision. Actually it's extremely bothersom looking at ANYTHING with a white background. To give you an idea of what i'm talking about, sometimes my eye feels like the blood pressure is constantly building to the point of pain.

I'm going to call an opometrist/optemologist tomorrow, (you should call an optemologist for this right?? ) but everywhere that i've read says that they won't do anything about floaters.

Do you think the doctor would perform the laser surgery just on the basis of it being annoying? If so, how much do you think it will cost?
Any other suggestions?? Have you had similar problems? How did you deal with it?

Best Answer...


You are right about the ophthalmologist. They will tell you nothing can be done and that laser is dangerous. There are only three doctors in the U.S. that will laser your floater. One each in Florida, Virginia, and California. The only other solution to get rid of the floater is vitrectomy. Again, your local ophthalmologist will think that's crazy, but more and more people are doing it now that they have smaller gauge instruments. Come to the floater talk board to learn more: