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New to ebay paypal selling please help?

ok i sold a ps3 for $475 threw paypal they deducted some money right away now i have $460 for it, then when i go to fill out the "print shipping label" is says the total cost it $17! are these the same charges or are they going to also deduct 17 from my $460??? also the payment is said to be "pending" should i trust this could the buyer rip me off??? if i ship?? or is it already in the system the money and once its recieved i get the money or do i get it once i ship it?? thanks

Best Answer...


As you have sold your item on ebay through PayPal you have to ship the item first as buyer receives item he will confirm receipt of same with ebay and then paypal will transfer your money, by any chance your buyer does not confirm the receipt though he has received the parcel pay pal waits for next 8 days after given deadline of the delivery date to the buyer then they transfer you the money to your given bank a/c.

No idea about your $ 17 charges kindly talk with the help line nos of ebay they are very friendly they will solve your problem