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Pass Thru

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Video: Watch this armless woman negotiate a drive-thru [w/poll] (Autoblog)

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We've met plenty of people in our time that can't quite master the act of
driving. Legs and feet operating the pedals and arms and hands sawing away at
the wheel - it's really not that difficult, right?

But what if you're two limbs short of the typical allotment? That would surely
complicate matters... but would a lack of arms make operating a motor vehicle
impossible? Apparently not.

Tisha Shelton, known on YouTube as Tisha UnArmed, is a 26-year-old woman who
was born with no arms. But she doesn't let a lack of limbs keep her from
living her life the way she wants, and she shows the world's inquiring minds
how it's done on video - and that includes driving along with going through a
drive-thru, shopping, wearing makeup, eating sushi with chopsticks and even
taking a shower. It's impressive, to say the least.

And now for the big question: Is it safe for a person who was born without
arms to drive on public roads? Clearly, Tisha has a driver's license, meaning
she was able to pass whatever tests her state of Missouri required, and so
far, she ...


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