Beta Heater

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Lancia Beta Fiat X 19 X19 Scorpion Heater Fan Box Clip Set X8 4327179
Lancia Beta Fiat X 19 X19 Scorpion Heater Fan Box Clip Set X8 4327179
Fiat 124 X 19 125 Lancia Beta Heater Cable Holdown Clip Set x6 NOS 4274532
Fiat 124 X 19 125 Lancia Beta Heater Cable Holdown Clip Set x6 NOS 4274532
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Beta Heater

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Breeding Beta fish(part 1)

Fights with body problems - Antioxidants

Antioxidants are natural elements which assist the body in fighting with various body problems. They boost the immune system and save the body from radical damages caused by pollution, smoking and stress.

Medical experts also recommends for using antioxidants as dietary supplements in order to get various health benefits. Medical science has proven that antioxidants help in preventing cancer and heart problems. It is true that there are several benefits of including antioxidants in dietary plan. But, it has been rightly said excess of everything is bad, in the same manner excess of antioxidants can also harm the body.

Some of the common antioxidants are as follows:
• Vitamin C
Vitamin C is one those vitamins which ensures and enhances beautiful skin. Fruits like lemons, oranges, strawberries etc are considered as rich source of vitamin C. And, aromatherapy makes use of vitamin C for enhancing the beauty of skin. It gives a soothing and refreshing effect when it is used in aromatherapy.

• Selenium( mineral)
Another form of antioxidants is selenium. But, the body needs it in small amount. Selenium is present in grains, sea food, breads, cereals and red meats.

• Vitamin E
Being antioxidants, it protects the body from various problems such as cancer, heat problem, eyes problems and various chronic diseases. These are fat soluble vitamins. It is also used in aromatherapy as it prevents demolition of body tissues. Vitamin E is considered as one of the main ingredients in creams and lotions used in aromatherapy and other beauty products.
• Beta carotene
Beta carotene is present in many foods which are orange, green in colors such as sweet potatoes, apricots, mangos etc.

Antioxidants carry a great importance when it is used in aromatherapy. It not only enhances the beauty but also fight with problems like cancer and various heart problems. In addition to that, it also increase the shelf life of essential oils used in aromatherapy (when blended with essential oils). Antioxidants reduce and slow down the process of oxidation; as oxidized essential oil is considered as bad for health. Antioxidants keep the oil application, fresher for long period.

It has observed that people consider antioxidants and preservative as the same thing. In fact they both are different from each other that is, with different nature and application.

Thus antioxidants, is an important ingredient used in various beauty and health maintaining products. But, it must be noted that antioxidants are not effective on yeast, bacteria, fungi and other water based products.Cindy Boswell is working with the New Directions UK. She has also been involved in the research work on plants and oils for a long time. To find Tea tree oil, Antioxidants, essential oils, wholesale, wholesalers, wholesale essential oils you need to visit

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